iOS 16: Apple further improves the Concentration mode to better reconcile work and private life on a single device

Among the changes brought to iPhones by the update to 16 – available only in beta for the moment – ​​ has notably made the Concentration mode even more powerful than previously. This is the case via integration with the new lock screens, which can now be customized.

This allows several major advances such as the possibility of associating one of these screens with one of your Concentration profiles . For example, you can imagine showing only the widgets of your company (your calendar, your e-mails and your pro apps) during office hours and, on the contrary, those of your family (photos, streaming, Messages) when you is at home.

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One more API for publishers

Along with this, has also introduced filters available in many of its apps to begin with. Among them, Messages, where you can decide to only show conversations with such and such a contact depending on the time of day. Ditto for Mail, even if the solution is confused here with the advantages offered when creating an iCloud + account including the creation of aliases. Filters are also available in Calendar or in Safari, with the choice to deploy only certain tabs according to your needs.

Even better: third- party developers will be able to sort their content themselves this way, thanks to the new Focus filter API. However, the first results should not appear on the App Store before the fall, since it is only during this period that intends to publish the final version of 16 accessible to the general public.

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Finally, 16 also comes with an option to schedule the triggering of a Focus mode . It can thus be triggered when the 's GPS detects that you arrive at a specific location, or according to a certain time. This will be very useful for athletes who want to be focused on their activity tracking or playback apps during their cycling or running session.

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To install 16, you will need to be equipped with a second generation SE, 8, 8 Plus or later.