It is advantageous to be aware that building a website is a straightforward and therefore reasonably priced process, whether you want to build a personal or business website. To make your life much easier, we will lead you through this process in this comprehensive tutorial.

Does building a website require computer expertise? a little. There are quite straightforward ways to build a website in 2023. Even if you have no major prior experience with web design, programming, or IT, you can still do this.

To help you understand this procedure better, we urge you to immediately learn the 4 best approaches to build a website—more or less swiftly and easily.

You have multiple ways to create a free website or premium website

We wanted to handle things the best manner possible when we wrote this tutorial on how to build a website in 2023. For this reason, we didn’t want to stop at just presenting one, two, or three ways for you to build a website.

We will now give you an overview of 4 ways of website creation, all of which cater to various requirements. As a result, you can be sure that you will discover a technique that works for your objectives.

1) Create a website with WordPress

We believe that this is one of the best option for building websites in general. What does this actually mean? Simply said, using a web host and installing WordPress there is a full, quick, affordable, and simple answer. But be aware that it requires a minimum of patience and IT skills

WordPress is mentioned here, however you can also utilize other content management systems. It is important to note that WordPress is the industry standard in 2023 because it powers at least 60% of websites. This puts it far ahead of any other website builders and content management systems.

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To make it easy you can use a hosting plateform that will automatically setup your WordPress site like Infomaniak that will help you get back to the ease of installation and building of a website using WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.

Since your site will already be built and ready to use, you will only need to fill out a few fields. Following that, you can work on both the written and visual components of your website. We discover that using WordPress to build a website is quite advanced and practical in terms of customizing.

It will be very simple to alter and enhance your platform thanks to the abundance of plugins, themes and the ability to change the CSS and HTML code. assuming, of course that you can understand and handle HTML and CSS.


  • WordPress remains one of the most powerful option for website creation
  • Comes for free as part as your hosting
  • Many plugins and themes are available
  • Best option for complex website, like a news magazine, a portal or any other sophisticated sites


  • Some skills are required for your to setup, design and maintain the website
  • You have to take care of updates and security side of the website
  • The process can be long, you will have to be patient before publishing your website
  • If your website is to be a simple one, an online website builder is probably easier for you

2) Create a site with a website builder

The simplest solution to create a professional or personal website is clearly the one that consists of going through a website creator. But what exactly is a website builder?

It’s actually a platform that will allow you to create, customize and manage your site in just a few clicks . Everything will generally be done through click/drag, which turns out to be very interesting for those who really don’t want to bother, or who don’t feel comfortable with a more technically complex solution.

If this is what you want to turn to in order to create a website, we can recommend names: Weebly and Wix. These solutions turn out to be rather complete, easy to use, and offered at globally affordable prices. 

Using a website builder to create a personal blog or showcase site is entirely possible. On the other hand, if you are looking to create a more complex professional site that requires the use of databases, for example, this will become very complicated.

So remember to assess your needs before you start. In any case, if you want to launch a site quickly and effortlessly, we recommend Weebly which offers a very intuitive web editor suitable for all profiles.


  • Easy to use with a very intuitive user interface
  • No IT skills required
  • Updates and security automatically maintained
  • Comes with themes (free/paid) and addons (free/paid) to enhance your website
  • Often integrates E-commerce features


  • Can be too simple and may not suit for complex websites
  • Even if the flexibility is great, you cannot control all elements of your website
  • Free and Basic pricing are limited, to take advantage of the features, you may want to upgrade
  • E-Commerce capabilities can be limited

3) Create an e-commerce site with a site creation tool

Do you want to create an E-Commerce type website instead? All in your honor. In this case, it will be necessary to favor solutions such as those offered by Shopify or Square. Opting for such a solution will allow you to quickly create an online sales site. Whether managing appearance, orders, products, means of payment, everything will be done very easily. However, you should know that transaction fees will be charged on each sale. A point to consider when calculating your profit.

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The disadvantage of this type of solution is that it is more complicated to create a blog at the same time or a website and then to start the e-commerce process later. Indeed, these creators are only specialized in the field of online sales which can affect the variety of your content which will be oriented e-commerce.


  • Easy to use with a very intuitive user interface
  • No IT skills required
  • Updates and security automatically maintained
  • Comes with themes (free/paid) and addons (free/paid) to enhance your website
  • Often integrates powerful E-commerce features
  • Often comply to E-commerce regulations that can be complex to understand


  • Only for E-Commerce
  • Transactions fees can be an issue, if you want to scale your business

4) Create a website by developing it yourself

The last way that will allow you to create both a personal and professional site is to code/develop it.

In this context, two choices will be offered to you. The first is that you feel capable of programming a website yourself. The second will consist of calling on a company specializing in the creation and development of websites.

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Depending on your choice, the costs will be very different. You must know it ! And even if the first solution turns out to be less costly in terms of budget, it will prove to be costly in terms of the time spent developing your site.

the advantages of this way of creating a website are: the flexibility as well as the unlimited possibilities offered in terms of the functionalities on your site and its design.

What about the disadvantages? The biggest is obviously that it will be necessary to have (or acquire) skills in web development. But that’s not all. The time to devote to your project will necessarily be more substantial than if you go through WordPress or a website creator.


  • You must have advanced IT skills, particularly in Internet Security
  • Technically an affordable option, but requires that you upskill your self
  • You can control all elements of your website


  • Requires regular training update on the latest Internet concepts
  • Can take a lot of time to start publishing your website
  • You have to maintain updates and security yourself


Building a website for your business is a must for many companies, the variety of options will allow you to do it rather simply, before starting assess your needs, capabilities, skills and budget. you can also contact our design team for recommendation and advices. After reviewing all 4 options and to make it easy for you to select the best option and technology, we can still sum up the option as following:

Complex website: WordPress

Simple Website: Weebly or Wix

E-Commerce: Shopify

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