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Apple unveils iOS 16.3: the latest iOS 16 update with new security, wallpapers and additional features

Apple dévoile iOS 16.3 : la dernière mise à jour d’iOS 16 avec une nouvelle sécurité, des fonds d’écran et des fonctionnalités supplémentaires

Revisiting the Classic: A Look at Goldeneye 007 is back on Nintendo Switch

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Apple Unveils iOS 16.3: The Latest Update to iOS 16 with New Security, Wallpapers and Additional Features

Apple releases a video to introduce the new HomePod

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iOS 16.3: Apple releases the RC beta with new features

RetroPod, the app that brings the iPod back to the iPhone

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Apple TV and Apple Music apps are now accessible on Windows

Apple releases iOS 16.3 beta 2 to developers

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Best Apple HomePod Mini accessories

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Apple Music Review

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Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer,… What is the best music streaming platform for you?

Google introduces a refreshed version of Android Auto, bringing digital car key among other updates

Apple Fitness+ update introduces Kickboxing workouts, Beyoncé Artist spotlight and a new sleep meditation theme

Who were the most listened-to artists on streaming charts this year?

This app can help you learn how to play piano through AR

How the metaverse is (almost) ready to conquer the music industry

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Spotify gets even more social with a podcast button

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WatchTube lets you watch YouTube on an Apple Watch

iOS 16: Apple further improves the Concentration mode to better reconcile work and private life on a single device