During the last keynote in early June, Apple announced the arrival of macOS Ventura for Mac next fall. Throughout the summer, the software will be in the beta-testing phase. A first beta version is already available today. Unfortunately, not all Mac computers will be able to perform the update, obviously due to technical limitations. Several new features of the OS will be particularly resource-intensive, including the Stage Manager feature, which improves the management of active app windows.

But users of old Macs can still get up to speed in advance, by installing one of the two new wallpapers exclusive to the OS. These are the ones in place by default. They represent, in an abstract style, the flower of the California poppy, one of the symbols of the region of the county of Ventura, coastal city of California. They actually display the same image, available in two versions, one light, the other dark, to match the two corresponding macOS display modes, light and dark.

Two macOS Ventura wallpapers

Here is how to install one of these two wallpapers on your machine, Mac, but also iPhone and iPad.

How to get these wallpapers?

On Mac:

  • Go to one of the two links seen above, in Safari
  • Open the desired image in a new window
  • Then, right click and then “Save image as”
  • Open your Mac’s settings, “Desktop and screen saver” section
  • Drag the wallpaper file from the Finder onto the current wallpaper image, or add the folder containing the new wallpapers using the “+” at the bottom left and choose it. desired image

Tip: in Safari, when the wallpaper is open in an Apple browser tab, right-click and “Use image as desktop image” to go even faster.

On iPhone and iPad:

  • Go to one of the two links seen above, in Safari
  • Long press on the image
  • Choose “Add to Photos”
  • Go to the Photos application, on the desired wallpaper
  • Tap the “Share” icon
  • Choose “Use as wallpaper”
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