This time of year, the business community assembles to showcase their most recent initiatives, including advancements in automotive technology. Google is going back to CES this year to show you new features and improvements that will help you enjoy your drive and stay connected while driving. Here’s a peek at the updated Android Auto interface, a new way to use your digital car key, and improvements for vehicles that come equipped with Google.

There is now a new Android Auto experience.

A new experience for Android Auto, which enables you to connect your Android phone to your car display, is going out to everyone today. The design upgrades and functionality enhancements, which were first shown off at Google I/O, will give you an easier-to-use, more personalized driving experience

Three key objectives for drivers are prioritized in the new design: getting where you’re going, staying in touch with loved ones, and listening to music or podcasts. Now that Maps is closer to the driver’s seat, you can quickly see where you’re headed. The upgraded fast launcher allows you to rapidly access previously used apps, and the new media card features the best of Material You to display your preferred album art. The split screen arrangement can also be adjusted to fit different screen sizes because Android Auto is compatible with all major automakers; therefore, it looks excellent whether your car has a widescreen, portrait, or other size screen.

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Updated features for Android Auto

Along with the new design, it is now simpler than ever to take care of some of your most common demands while driving. Today’s smart ideas from Google Assistant include reminders for missed calls, rapid arrival time sharing, and instant access to music or podcasts. Shortcuts on the screen expedite dialing loved ones and responding to messages. Additionally, Google is adding a seekable progress bar for music and podcasts, which has been one of our most popular features, so you may advance through a song or episode. Last but not least, you will soon be able to use WhatsApp with Android Auto to make calls starting with the most recent Pixel and Samsung phones.

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Share your electronic car key with your loved ones.

You may already offer trustworthy friends and family members access to your automobile by sharing your digital car key between Pixel and iPhone. Samsung phones will soon support key sharing, while Xiaomi customers will have access to both the use and sharing of digital auto keys later this year. Digital car keys, which are already supported on BMW, will spread to more automakers.

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