A new application has just arrived on Apple Watch. It offers to watch YouTube videos, directly on the Apple watch.

There are thousands of applications specifically designed for the Apple Watch, Apple’s connected watch. If the vast majority of these focus on a study of biometric data measurable by the watch, others seek to offer services already available on the iPhone, but on the very small screen of the watch.

This is exactly what WatchTube offers which, as its name suggests, brings together the best of both worlds between the Apple Watch and YouTube. Google’s video platform is therefore available thanks to this new application directly on an Apple Watch. If in addition to that you have the version of the watch with its own internet connection, it is possible to use WatchTube without having your iPhone nearby.

An app that works surprisingly well

If this concept can be perplexing at first, the screen of the connected watch not being designed for this, the result is ultimately quite good according to the first opinions. Once the application is installed, it does not require any effort from the user who does not have to configure his screen or anything else, but simply choose which YouTube video he wants to watch.

In detail, the application focuses on four subsections: Home, Search, Library and Settings. Once the choice of video is made, the latter will launch in full screen on the watch.

A version with locked screen in preparation

According to the developer of this small application, he is already working on a major update that will allow you to listen to music on YouTube with your Apple connected watch. As he explains, this should allow you to lock your watch while keeping the reading going. A feature that exists at YouTube, but which requires a premium subscription at a few euros per month.

This new application could therefore attract the wrath of the new technology giant as it loses a (very small) part of its audience to WatchTube. It remains to be seen whether this young application will grow enough to overshadow Google enough, and thus force the latter to react.

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