Google Registry is excited to announce a collaboration with United Nations organizations to bring attention to important days and issues affecting the world. The collaboration utilizes the .day top-level domain, which was launched by Google Registry last year, to create websites dedicated to spreading awareness and encouraging action on critical issues.

Some of the organizations taking part in the collaboration include UNAIDS, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNOCHA, UN WOMEN, and WHO. Each organization has a specific .day website dedicated to raising awareness about their cause and providing information on how to get involved and make a difference.

For example, UNAIDS is using the .day domain to highlight World AIDS Day on December 1 and Zero Discrimination Day on March 1, while UNICEF is using the domain to promote World Children’s Day on November 20 and the United Nations Global Day of Parents on June 1. Similarly, UN WOMEN is using the domain to raise awareness about International Women’s Day on March 8 and the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25.

WHO is using the .day domain to promote World Tuberculosis Day on March 24, World Health Day on April 7, World Malaria Day on April 25, World No Tobacco Day on May 31, World Food Safety Day on June 7, World Blood Donor Day on June 14, World Hepatitis Day on July 28, and Universal Health Coverage Day on December 12.

In addition to these specific .day websites, Google Registry has also created a calendar view of all the dates on new.day. Anyone can register their own special .day domain through any of Google Registry’s registrar partners.

Overall, this collaboration between Google Registry and United Nations organizations is a powerful way to bring attention to important issues and encourage action to make a difference in the world. By utilizing the .day top-level domain, the collaboration aims to make it easy for people to find and engage with the information they need to make a positive impact.

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