Apple is committed to protecting user privacy and in celebration of Data Privacy Day

The company has unveiled a new set of educational resources to help users take control of their data. has introduced a new Today at session called “Taking Charge of Your Privacy on ,” which will educate users on how to safeguard their data using features such as Mail Privacy Protection, Safety Check, Location Services, and passkeys.

The session will be available at all Store locations worldwide and customers can now also sign up for Group Bookings and schedule a session for their group, organization, or class. has also partnered with TV+ Ted Lasso star Nick Mohammed in a short film called “A Day in the Life of an Average Person's Data” to raise awareness about the importance of data privacy. The film shows how bad actors misuse data and how works to keep personal information safe. has a long-standing reputation as a privacy leader and continues to innovate in this area with features such as App Tracking Transparency and Privacy Nutrition Labels, which give users more insight into how their data is used and more tools to protect it. The company believes that privacy is a fundamental human right and is committed to building privacy into all of its products and services from the ground up. To learn more about 's privacy features, visit .com/privacy.

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