Google is rolling out Chrome 109 update with New CSS Features, MathML Core, CHIPS

has released an update to its cross-platform web browser on Tuesday. The latest version, 109, includes several new features such as:

  • support for the “lh” length unit in CSS, which allows for expressing lengths relative to the line height.
  • support for the CSS “hyphenate-limit-chars” property, which allows for more precise control over hyphenation.
  • initial support for CHIPS, a technology that aims to replace third-party cookies by creating partitions for top-level sites using the “Partitioned” cookie attribute.
  • Origin Private File System (OPFS) on
  • WebTransport Bring Your Own Buffer (BYOB) readers support, which is aimed at reducing memory usage and buffer copies
  • Support for MathML Core, a language used to describe mathematical notation in HTML and SVG
  • auto range support for variable fonts in font-weight, font-style, and font-stretch descriptors, within @font-face rules.
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