Apple Watch is leading the global smartwatch market

 continues to dominate the smartwatch market and even allows itself to consolidate its lead. If we are to believe Counterpoint's small calculations, the Watch would thus occupy 50.6% of the smartwatch market during Q3 2022 , a staggering percentage of course facilitated by the launch of the  Watch Series 8 and the  Watch Ultra . Still in Q3, 56% of Watches sold were Watch Series 8. The smartwatch market grew 30% year-on-year, and Samsung did even better with 65% growth for its Galaxy Watch Series 5. However, this is still insufficient to even tickle 's flowerbeds. Samsung's market share remains more than twice that of in the smartwatch market! As for the third in the ranking, Amazfit, its sales of connected watches/bracelets are 7 times lower (in volume) than those of . In the connected watch market, there really is … and the others. A great finding even though the Watch was promised to fail by many analysts shortly after its launch