WhatsApp now allows you to hide the “online” status

WhatsApp wants to add a new feature to change its “online” status and make it invisible.

The very popular instant messaging application WhatsApp has just announced that it will have a new feature yet so obvious that one wonders how the latter did not install it before. Thanks to the next update of the application, it will therefore be possible for an iOS user to “hide” his “online” status from everyone when connecting to WhatsApp.

This feature is not new, especially in the world of instant messaging applications. Owned by the same group, the Facebook Messenger application has had this option for years, just like Instagram. According to WABetaInfo , it will be quite easy for users to hide their online status with the next app update.

A long-awaited update

But according to the news site, the customization of this new function could go even further. In addition to choosing whether to be seen “online” or not, users could choose and sort through their contacts to see who can see them online, and who can’t.

This new feature should arrive in a major update for WhatsApp which also prepares the possibility of modifying a message a few seconds after sending. An option that Apple, for its part, has just presented at the last WWDC and which will arrive in September in the Messages application with iOS 16.

Reactions to messages with the emoji of their choice

Last novelty in sight on the side of WhatsApp, the possibility of reacting to messages more freely. Today reactions to the message are only done with a few emojis, and WhatsApp could offer a more free solution, allowing users to choose the small symbol they want to use.

Here again the functionality is not new, it which has already made its arrival in two other applications of the Facebook group, namely Instagram and Messenger.

July 4, 2022