WhatsApp was created to serve as an alternative to SMS. And in its early days, the app didn’t allow you to use the same account on multiple devices or have two accounts on the same device. But today, things have changed. Since this year, it is possible to use the same account on several smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc. And since this week (the feature is being tested by some users), you also have the possibility of using a single iPhone for two WhatsApp accounts .

This new feature has just been announced by the messaging service and is already being deployed on the latest version of WhatsApp. Obviously, to have two WhatsApp accounts you must have two SIM cards and two phone numbers. If so, you can add the second number on the iPhone app by going to Settings, tapping the arrow next to your name, then tapping “Add Account.”

Once the second phone number is verified by WhatsApp, the app will allow you to easily switch from one number to another. On each account you can have different settings for privacy and notifications.

Practical for separating personal and professional life

For those who have a work phone number and another personal number, this feature is very convenient. It allows you to have a WhatsApp account for each number, without needing to log out each time or having two smartphones. And it’s also more practical than resorting to cloning the WhatsApp application (on certain smartphone models, it is possible to have two different installations of the same application).

In any case, with this new feature, WhatsApp continues to encourage the use of its messaging in the professional environment. This already offers a format that allows you to organize group discussions like on Slack. And thanks to the possibility of sharing your screen during video calls, WhatsApp also becomes useful for making presentations by videoconference.

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