TSMC will open a factory in 2024 in Arizona. Tim Cook has just confirmed that it will produce chips for Apple.

TSMC is about to open its very first semiconductor manufacturing plant on American soil. Scheduled for 2024, the launch of a factory in Arizona is an event for Apple. TSMC is to date the only manufacturer known for the apple brand. The Taiwanese company is expected to produce chips , including M-series, in the US factory.

Tim Cook has just confirmed that Apple would soon use “made in America” chips. Present at the TSMC factory site, the Apple boss was alongside Joe Biden when he confirmed the design of Apple chips in this factory.

The TSMC factory in Arizona is just the beginning

Tim Cook continued his speech by explaining that this first production in Arizona was only the beginning, implying that other factories could emerge on Uncle Sam’s soil in the coming years.

According to President Joe Biden, the return of semiconductor production in America is a real “game-changer” in the country’s political and economic struggle with China. The recent shortage of components has just highlighted the weaknesses of Western industry, forcing American governments, but also European, to change radically.

Europe too must build its own chips

In France , a first factory has already opened its doors . It produces semiconductors near Grenoble. If today a large part of these contracts have been signed with the automotive sector, President Emmanuel Macron pleads for the solidification of ties with the giants of new technologies in Europe.

Apple, but also Amazon or Google have a level of demand for semiconductors well above the capacities of the European market. The smallest contract won by the old continent could launch this industry and attract investors. They are today the missing link for a massive production of semiconductors in France and in Europe.

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