The engineers behind the Oura smart ring have just unveiled some exciting new updates that are compatible with existing models. The company now offers new complications for Apple Watch users, allowing them to view key information from the wearable such as battery level and sleep data directly on their watch face. Additionally, users can now view activity graphs on their watch screen, enabling them to track their physical activity and ensure they are staying in shape.

One of the most notable new features is the ability for Oura to provide a detailed history of a user’s body temperature for the past four weeks. While this may seem redundant given that the Apple Watch Ultra already has a built-in thermometer, it is ultimately up to the user to decide if the feature is worth the cost of the ring, which is currently 314 euros for the Heritage version. Customers can choose from several colors including silver, black, or gold when ordering the ring.

Oura also now benefits from the new features of iOS 16, thanks to an additional widget that is now available on equipped iPhones. This widget, which can be installed on the locked screen, allows users to view their number of steps taken during the day in real-time. The display takes the form of a circle that needs to be completed, similar to the design of the activity rings on Apple Watch.

To take advantage of these improvements, users will need to have installed the latest version (4.9.1) of the Oura companion app. The app is available on the App Store and is free to download. It is available in several languages including French, German, English, Spanish, Finnish, Japanese, and Italian. Users will need about 350 MB of free space on their internal storage to install the app.

In addition to the updates for iPhone and Apple Watch users, Oura has also completely revised its companion app for Apple Watch. The app is designed to be a health coach on the wrist, with a minimalist interface that allows users to view their heart rate and breathing rate. As the ring does not have a screen, users will need to view the collected data elsewhere. It is currently unknown if Oura will ever release an updated version of the ring with a built-in screen, but it would certainly be a welcomed addition.

It’s worth noting that beyond the cost of the ring, Oura also requires a monthly subscription fee of around 6 euros.

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