If you have the equivalent of three hundred euros to spend, you can afford the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform . This charger is, as its name suggests, capable of powering your devices by induction. The eponymous car manufacturer offers it separately from its vehicles, as was also the case for its flamethrower or whistle . In total, it is possible to place three smartphones at the same time on the accessory, which then connects to the mains. With an American plug, however: you will therefore need an adapter if you want to test the beast in France.

This charger is endowed with a rather considerable power of sixty-five watts . For comparison, today it only takes thirty minutes to top up the battery with an iPhone 14 Pro connected to a twenty-watt adapter. In sum, your mobile should be 100% very fast with Tesla’s alternative.

A similar idea at Apple

Obviously, fans of the Apple brand will probably remember the AirPower charger when they discover this novelty from Tesla. The concept, a white wireless charging pad signed Apple that can accommodate an iPhone and AirPods, for example, was presented during a keynote and was eagerly awaited by consumers. But the development got the better of him, with some citing overheating issues that Elon Musk’s engineers seem to have overcome.

In the end, of AirPower there remains only the name, a few patents filed here and there and sometimes functional prototypes seen in the press. But the device will never be marketed. Instead, Apple now sells the MagSafe Duo charger that can power an Apple Watch and an iPhone for a whopping $159.

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