Ranking of the most “flexible” companies: Apple in good place

With now more than one hundred and fifty thousand employees to its credit, Apple is one of the largest employers on the planet. But the firm has recently been suspected of limiting the possibilities offered to its teams, in particular with discussed salaries, supposedly abusive breaches of contracts or a fairly restrictive return to office schedule. Since the coronavirus pandemic is over, it is indeed required to show up at least three days a week at the Apple premises. Tim Cook believes more in this solution than in continuous telework. And yet: according to a new publication from the site specializing in job offers Indeed , Apple is the third most “ flexible ” company in the world. To reach this conclusion, the platform looked at companies that know how to “ change ” or be changed “ according to the situation ” encountered. And the one who would do the best in this matter would be Intuit , now Mailchimp’s parent company since a takeover for twelve billion dollars in September 2021.

Apple, resilient in the face of the crisis

To tell the truth, all this can be confirmed when analyzing Apple’s resistance to the latest events that have upset international economic activities. Between the COVID-19 epidemic, a shortage of processors or even inflation , it could have been difficult to navigate troubled waters for the Cupertino giant. And yet: according to its latest quarterly results, the manufacturer continues to sell more and more iPhones . It seems that appearing with a premium and brand new mobile to those around you is therefore always more important than saving your wallet.

With this, remember that Apple has also been able to replace its traditional conferences held in public in California with videos broadcast only online. The guests have recently returned to the Steve Jobs Theater, but the content broadcast by the organizer continues to attract loyalty on YouTube. This, not to mention the advent of services as the second main vector of income for American society.

Other companies in the loop

Ahead of Apple, Google is ranked by Indeed as the second “most flexible” company. Then come Dell (fourth), Delta (fifth), Cisco Systems (sixth) or even Microsoft (seventh), Booz Allen Hamilton (eighth) and Northrop Grumman (ninth).

November 30, 2022