iPhone’s hidden features you should try now

A hidden feature is a functionality or option that is not immediately obvious or easy to find within the device's settings or user interface. These features may not be prominently advertised or described in the device's documentation, but they can still be accessed and used by users who know how to find them. Examples of hidden features include:

  1. QuickType keyboard: Allows you to type faster by predicting the words you are about to type.
  2. Siri Shortcuts: Allows you to create custom voice commands to perform multiple tasks quickly.
  3. Magnifier: Allows you to use your 's camera as a magnifying glass, making it easier to read small text or see details up close.
  4. Text Replacement: Allows you to create custom keyboard shortcuts for frequently used words or phrases.
  5. Guided Access: Allows you to lock your into a single app, making it easier to use for people with disabilities or children.
  6. App limits: Allows you to set time limits on apps to help you manage your time more effectively.
  7. Emergency SOS: Allows you to quickly make emergency calls by pressing the power button rapidly.
  8. Reachability: Allows you to reach the top of your screen with one hand by double-tapping the home button.
  9. Battery Optimization: Allows you to check which apps are using the most battery and adjust their settings accordingly.
  10. Markup: Allows you to annotate and sign PDFs, images and screenshots directly from the Photos app.
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Keep in mind that some of these features are specific to certain models and version.