With the iPhone 14 Pro Apple offers one of the most powerful phones in the world, photography is no exception.

The grid: an essential

In order to use the full potential of your phone, here are some features, sometimes overlooked, to make your photos even more beautiful. The first solution is to activate the grid. This very simple solution makes it possible to always have good framing and to optimize the positioning of the elements on a photo.

When the latter is loaded, the best is still to slightly decenter the central subject of the image. By using the grid, it is easy to identify the “highlights” of a photo at 2/3 of the latter. By placing items on these points (like a face), the human eye will naturally be drawn to that area of ​​the photo.

Filters: for more vibrant images

Another complementary solution to have better photos is to use the photography style. This novelty made its appearance with the iPhone 13. These “filters” allow you to have predefined settings in order to accentuate certain aspects of the photo. To use them, simply open the small menu under the camera (see below), the filters will then appear one by one, allowing the user to scroll through them to get the best possible rendering.

ProRAW: the absolute solution

Finally, the ideal solution to have better photos with your iPhone is to use the ProRAW mode . The latter will capture more details in the photos. However, this solution poses a problem, it creates larger files and is therefore only available on iPhones with a certain level of storage.

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