Did you know that there is a game hidden by Google in your iPhone? The latter has always liked to hide little surprises in its applications, and here is a new example accessible in one of the latest versions of its iOS application. This indeed contains a game as secret as it is addictive which should appeal to pinball lovers!

Google and hidden games is a story that lasts. The developers of the Mountain View company have always taken pleasure in slipping into their creations little surprises intended for the most curious users. In the past, animations and hidden games were often unearthed in the source codes of their applications, such as a game created to celebrate the Tokyo Olympics and hidden in the famous browser, or one in which you could jump a small dinosaur to kill time in case of internet connection problem. The latest fun nugget hidden by the digital giant is a game exclusively accessible via the iOS versionof its Google application, available for free on the App Store. We explain how to get your hands on this treasure hidden in your iPhone .

How to find the game hidden by Google in your iPhone?

The game in question calls on reflexes and dexterity and the principle is that of pinball. It is in the “Tabs” menu of the latest versions of the Google application that it has been carefully hidden. To find it, you will have to perform a manipulation that recalls the cheat codes that you had to achieve by pressing successively on the buttons of the controllers of the first generations of game consoles. Of course, before you start this operation, you will have to make sure that your Google application has the latest available update. Ok, are you up to date? So let’s go :

  • Launch the Google app on your iPhone
  • Then tap on the “Tabs” button located at the bottom of the screen
  • Close all open tabs
  • Wait a few seconds
  • Perform repeated swipes from bottom to top
  • Pinball game should then appear

A hidden game that’s more than a gimmick

It’s a surprise… and even a very good surprise! This game is not just a bonus or a gimmick: it has been carefully developed and the gameplay is very addictive. Mixing pinball and breaking bricks, this little hidden treasure contains several levels and the difficulty increases each time you pass one. And the icing on the cake: the game even works offline! Something to pass the time when you find yourself on a plane or a subway and are looking to have fun with a fun little program. Does this hidden Google feature have another use? Absolutely not, but it’s hard to ignore your pleasure when you’re offered an excellent free game on the iPhone !

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