Google announcement improve its Chrome browser so that it is less demanding in terms of performance, whether for RAM or autonomy. The group therefore unveils two specific modes.

Chrome’s first new mode is called Memory Saver. It just frees up the memory of tabs that aren’t actively in use, allowing for a smoother experience for tabs that are. According to Google, this mode is especially useful when performing other memory-intensive tasks, such as editing videos or playing games. Inactive tabs are reloaded when needed.

The other mode is called Energy Saver. With it, Chrome automatically limits tasks that have an impact on the battery when the battery life of your computer (Windows, macOS and ChromeOS) drops to 20%. Background activity is limited, as are visual effects for sites with animations and videos.

Google specifies that the activation of the two modes is done automatically, it is Chrome which manages the situation. Nevertheless, the user retains some control since he can request that a particular mode not be active on certain sites. A whitelist system is available.

These new modes are integrated intoChrome 108, namely the update that recently saw the light of day. However, the deployment will be done gradually over the weeks. So it’s possible that you won’t have access to it today, even if you have Chrome 108.

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