According to MacRumors, Looks like Apple is getting ready to release a new update for the iPhone, iOS 16.3.1. Although the exact release date is unknown, it’s expected to be available in February.

Previous updates have been accurately predicted by the website’s analytics logs, so it’s a trustworthy source. Minor updates like iOS 16.3.1 usually focus on fixing bugs, improving stability, and enhancing security.

While we wait for the first beta of iOS 16.4, which is expected to have more exciting features, there are still a few announced iOS features yet to be launched, such as Apple Pay Later for financing purchases, a savings account option for Daily Cash, and web push notifications via Safari. However, it’s unclear if these features will be included in iOS 16.4.

Apple recently released iOS 16.3 in January with a few new features, such as support for physical security keys as a two-factor authentication, expanded iCloud encryption, a new Black Unity wallpaper for Black History Month, and improved Emergency SOS and HomePod support.

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Apple iOS 16.3.1 is now available, discover what’s new?