A foldable and functional iPhone designed by a YouTuber

Rumors about a foldable iPhone have been gaining momentum for some time now.  has been foldable phones for a few years now, with the  Fold turning three in September.

The Korean competitor often mocks in its advertisements on the fact that smartphones do not yet have some of the latest features that can be found at . The latest mockery is, precisely, about the impossibility of folding your iPhone, as you can do with a Z Fold 4 .

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The foldable iPhone created by a YouTuber

A Chinese YouTuber by the name of 科技美学 has decided to take matters into his own hands. By bringing together different components from several different smartphones, including:

  • The screen of an iPhone X
  • The chassis of an iPhone 12 Pro
  • The hinge of a Motorola Razr

The video shows the process he undertook to design this , as well as the budget needed if you want to build one yourself.

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The finishes leave something to be desired, but it's important to remember that this is a DIY project. The iPhone V, as its creator likes to call it, uses a form factor that can be found on the Z Flip 4.

Thus, if the project is not perfect, it remains functional and allows you to have a preview of what 's future foldable could be.