Consumers are placing a higher value on convenience and premium experiences from more personalized and complex technology as hybrid living continues to blur the barriers between work and leisure. People increasingly want adaptable technology that can help them do more in all facets of their lives, whether collaborating across devices or streamlining to fewer, both at home and on the move.

In light of this, Lenovo today unveiled innovative new products to meet the diverse requirements of the modern customer. The brand-new, cutting-edge Yoga Book 9i ushers in a new era for yoga with amazing innovation, luxurious style, and performance for a range of experiences. The Yoga AIO 9i redefines what an all-in-one desktop computer may look like and offers more than first appears. The latest, most feature-rich Lenovo Tab tablet Exciting new features for school, the home, and beyond are introduced by the Extreme and Lenovo Smart Paper smart notepad. Last but not least, Lenovo’s Project Chronos concept (official name to be announced) is a cutting-edge technology that records a user’s motion and enables them to interact with and carry out tasks in 3D virtual worlds without the need for glasses or wearables.

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