has made its choice, xrOS will be the name of the operating system for its future AR/VR headset, reveals Bloomberg . The names used so far were realityOS or rOS. Obviously, they are no longer suitable in the eyes of the manufacturer. If rumors and other leaks are to be believed, will announce its mixed reality headset in 2023, potentially with a January presentation . The product will be entitled to its own operating system, like TV and Watch, and will have a dedicated App Store with various applications . What does xrOS mean? The letters XR refer to extended reality, which includes both augmented reality and virtual reality. For OS, it is operating system. Rumors indicate that the headset is working on will be a mixed reality type, like Microsoft's HoloLens, and it will support both augmented reality and virtual reality. The former augments what the user sees in the real world, while the latter is an all- experience. Several applications, such as Maps and Messages, have been redesigned to be fully optimized on an AR/VR headset.  is also creating a software development kit (SDK) so that third-party apps can be created for the headset. Meanwhile, Bloomberg says is going through a shell company to register the xrOS trademark in at least seven countries. The fictitious company is called Deep Dive LLC.  often uses this practice to avoid everyone finding out what the group is working on. But it fails, as we can see.

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